Freddie Ljungberg Arsenal
Freddie Ljungberg Arsenal

Arsenal have appointed Freddie Ljungberg as the interim boss at Arsenal but many believe he should be the one leading the club full time.

There’s been a buzz that Arsenal should bring in a former Gunner to take forward the club and according to Ljungberg’s colleague, Andries Jonker, he is the right man for the job.

He told Sky Sports: “I would support the guts in making the choice (to hire) Freddie Ljungberg. Arsene had been there many, many years and he did it his way. Then came another coach (with a different way) who had a very difficult time.

“I would prefer for them to give the chance to someone who knows Arsenal, knows the academy, knows all those talented players. He also knows the laws of total football.

“Give him time, give him confidence, help him and support him. He is one of Arsenal. I would appreciate the guts of the Arsenal bosses if they hired Ljungberg.

“What I loved about Freddie is that he started to ask how can I help at Hale End (Arsenal’s youth training facility), how can I help the youngsters from the U9s to the U16s. He wanted to find out whether he liked this job.

“Then he became assistant coach of the U16s for half a year and after when he felt comfortable he asked me ‘can you give me a team? I would like to be a professional coach, the head coach of the youth team for myself’.

“I said this is the academy, we can’t pay you first-team wages, I can only pay you what the other coaches have as well – he did not mind.

“He said ‘I want to invest in my career, so far I enjoy it very much and I want to improve myself’. He’s proven to be a very talented coach.”

Freddie Ljungberg will obviously be kept in mind when the Arsenal board make their decision but in order for him to be given the job, he will have to ensure that the Gunners are playing flawless football under him.

And as per the latest rumours, the name of Freddie Ljungberg isn’t the only one doing the rounds since some reports claim the likes of Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry are also being considered.

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