Rangers FC beat St Mirren this past weekend and the three points were achieved on the back of four penalty decisions.

The Gers were awarded four penalties on the night by referee Andrew Dallas out of which Rangers converted three.

But after the match, the referee has come under heavy fire from the St Mirren manager who has claimed that out of the four decisions only the first one was a genuine penalty.

But former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher clearly backs his counterpart saying that almost all the decisions were correct.

While the former EPL ref agreed the first one was a genuine penalty, talking about the second penalty where Jermain Defoe seemed to have gone down too easily, Gallagher said:

“I wasn’t sure he caught him. Out of the four penalties, I think this is the only one I wasn’t sure about.”

About the third penalty, the former ref said: said: “Great call by the assistant because it’s all about where the assistant is. I think it is a handball because he’s put his arms up.

“He’s definitely caught the ball, he’s definitely stopped it and it’s on the line so it’s part of the penalty area. Penalty.

“I just think he’s had enough time where he has put his arms.”

On the fourth penalty: “I don’t know why the player does this. He’s just pulled him back it’s quite clear.

“He’s allowed to carry on and it’s definitely inside when he finishes. It’s a penalty.”

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