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The footballing world is dominated by money.

Whether to accept it or not but this above statement is the harsh reality which everyone has to live by in today’s day and age.

With each passing season, transfer values are becoming crazier and many predict that is only a matter of time before another player crosses Neymar’s absurd transfer fee and becomes the most expensive footballer in the world.

But one thing we can say with all certainty is the fact that that player will not be from Arsenal.

According to a report, the Gunners are the fifth club as far as transfer window spendings are concerned standing at £236 million.

But unlike clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea who are above Arsenal, the Gunners have chosen to spend money which has solely been earned by the club.

Meaning Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke hasn’t spent a single penny out of his pocket during the past decade in order to help Arsenal sign new players.

And this makes him the only owner amongst the top Premier League clubs who haven’t drawn money out of his pocket in order to help his club.

Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi based owners have spent £1.275billion during the past decade at the club while the Glazer family have pumped in £318 million into Manchester United over the same period.

Roman Abramovich has spent more than £500 million at Chelsea over the past decade and even smaller clubs like Stoke and Sunderland have also received benefits from their owners.

While the fans have raised their voices over the past couple of seasons about Stan Kroenke’s lack of interest in the club but one big advantage is the fact that Arsenal still remain a self-sustaining club during a point when most of its fellow rivals are engulfed in debt.

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