Liverpool drew their weekend fixture 1-1 against West Ham United at the London Stadium.

And this match has certainly revealed a lot of cracks amongst the Anfield outfit.

After drawing their previous Premier League fixture vs Leicester, everyone thought the Reds would bounce back with an emphatic win. But Jurgen Klopp’s men looked exhausted and laboured during the whole 90 minutes.

Liverpool scored their only goal of the game through a controversial pass – which should have been flagged offside and they could have easily won the match in the dying minutes if Divock Origi hadn’t missed a simple chance.

But then replays showed that the striker too was offside.

These poor decisions have prompted a lot of backlashes and somehow even Jurgen Klopp had chosen to show his anger after the match.

After the final whistle, Jurgen Klopp was involved in a heated argument with Manuel Pellegrini and then he went onto the pitch in order to confront referee Kevin Friend.

And speaking after the game, Jurgen Klopp dropped a few bombshells.

First talking to the BBC, the manager said:

“I heard our goal was offside, I’m pretty sure the ref knew that,

“In 50-50 situations it was always a free-kick for the other team.”

Then he told Sky Sports: “We had good moments, coming through the channels and scored the goal, which I’ve now been told is offside.

“This explains a little bit the second half because I think the referee knew at half-time.

“He knew it for sure at half-time, and then you saw a lot of strange situations. They were not decisive but just rhythm breakers. That obviously didn’t help us.”

Jurgen Klopp had indirectly accused the referee of favouring West Ham United in the second half in order to balance the scenario because a lot of decisions had gone against the home side during the first 45 minutes.


Everyone knew that this statement from the manager would have some serious backlash and now the FA have asked for written observations from Jurgen Klopp regarding the whole incident.

The Football Association is likely to start a probe and if the Liverpool boss is found guilty then the German could very well be slapped with a touchline ban.

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