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Have you noticed that a lot of your friends and colleagues took up on Fantasy Football games?

They can talk about it for hours, and you just can’t seem to enter that conversation because you know nothing about and it sounds confusing.

If that is the case, then you came to the right place. This article and infographic below by Betting Sites will give you some basic information about fantasy sports – Fantasy Football in particular.

First and foremost, you need to be a hardcore football fan if you even want to consider playing fantasy football and be good at it. Playing any kind of fantasy sports requires extensive knowledge about that sport, the leagues, the players, and more.

Watching games might not be enough, so you should inform yourself about the latest football news by browsing Football Fan Base or similar websites. But, let’s cut to the chase.

What Is Fantasy Football?

With Fantasy Football, you will be put in the role of a team manager. Each season, you will get to select 11 or more players that will represent your squad for that year. Based on their performances, you will score points and move up or down on a leaderboard.

In some versions of the game, you will play against other players, and by comparing your overall scores, you will either win, lose, or draw.

Fantasy Football is usually played with friends. Several of you will have a mini-league where you will get to compete against each other. The scores are based on real-life performances, so if a player that you selected scores a goal or gets an assist that week, you will get a certain amount of points.

Fantasy Football can even be played on a world-level leaderboard, and getting near the top can win you some prizes.

How to Pick Players?

At the beginning of the season, you will get a budget with which you can select players. Naturally, you will need more money to pick the good ones. So, if you pick two or three superstars, you will thin out the budget so the rest of your team will be composed of sub-par players.

This is why you need to select them carefully and make a well-rounded team that is made of 11 players destined to play well throughout the season.

Which Players to Pick?

This is where your knowledge of the sport needs to be utilised. The budget and the price of players are usually well balanced, so there are no easy selections. The best way is to read football news and listen to what football analysts have to say about the upcoming season.

Picking good players is easy, but you will also need to select players who are under the radar and who could be in the spotlight for the next year.


With everything said, we only scratched the surface of the Fantasy Football phenomenon. You will need to learn much more if you want to be a good fantasy manager, but it’s maybe best if you start and learn how to get better by yourself.

In any case, we at least gave you some information on the basics, and we hope that it was helpful. Good luck!

Here’s a nutshell view:

Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football Infographic

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