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The big London clubs have had a really bad end to the new season as they have been entangled with one problem after another.

From throwing banana skins to hurling racial abuses at opponent players, clubs like Chelsea and Spurs have been in the limelight for all the wrong reason.

And now one of these clubs are in trouble just days before they go head to head in the EFL Cup semi-final at Wembley.

A 14-year-old boy has claimed that he was ‘dragged’ and ‘manhandled’ by a football steward outside Stamford Bridge.

The boy, Max Hayes, is a Youtube vlogger was filming outside the stadium during Chelsea’s FA Cup game vs Nottingham Forest when this incident took place.

Hayes has a little over 3000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and was present at the game along with his brother and his friend.

Hayes said on Twitter(as reported by the Guardian): “As a family, we have been to multiple away grounds and have never had a problem with filming and doing what I love, and we’re therefore in complete shock at the brutal and unprofessional staff at Stamford Bridge.

“The whole incident ruined the day out for us, and I am still traumatised after the event.”

Chelsea have responded via a spokesman who has claimed that the complaint has come into their notice and they are looking into it.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust said:

“The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust is extremely concerned to read what happened to Max Hayes, a young Nottingham Forest fan who travelled to watch and support his side in their 3rd Round FA Cup tie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

“His account of the treatment he was subjected to by Chelsea FC stewards sounds absolutely appalling and we are extremely perturbed that it happened at the club we follow.

“We would like Max to know that Chelsea supporters are very disappointed to read his account of what happened and would like to offer heartfelt apologies to him on behalf of all of the decent and fair-minded followers of our club.”

You can read the full statement here.

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