Steven Gerrard Rangers FC
Rangers FC manager Steven Gerrard

Man United knocked out PSG of the Champions League Round of 16 but many believe that VAR was a huge help for Solskjaer’s men.

PSG were on the verge of moving into the next round but the referee chose to award Man United a penalty in injury time after consulting the VAR which Marcus Rashford converted to send the Parisian crashing out.

But this decision has hurled a storm of debate and most pundits feel that the decision was a harsh and the penalty should not have been awarded.

The pundits believe that yes, the ball did strike the defender’s arm but they also go onto add that there was very little that he could do about it.

And when almost everyone seems to be against the VAR decision, Man United seem to found an ally in former Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard.

The Rangers boss said: “The rules are the rules and we all have to expect that and respect it as well, because the rules are not going to change, certainly during the season.

“Listening to some of the officials commenting on it is very interesting because they say the penalty decision was correct and the referee was correct.

“That is the reason why VAR is so important because, without it, that probably gets missed and then Manchester United go out the cup which would have been nice from a Liverpool fan’s point of view but it would have been an injustice.

“VAR gets a lot more things right and accurate which is great for the game.

“It is not nice when you are on the wrong side of one, like PSG last night but I think it is only going to improve the game.

“Speaking about officials and the support we can give officials up here in Scotland I think VAR is certainly the way forward and hopefully one day we can get it into Scottish football.

“I think it will be a big help for everyone. It will be very welcomed up here, certainly by myself because I think the percentage of getting decisions right is close to perfection. It certainly makes sense.”

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