Rangers have finally managed to sign a third striker in the form of AFC Bournemouth’s Jermain Defoe.

For a long time, Alfredo Morelos was shouldering the responsibility of scoring goals for the club and the fans were literally begging the management to bring in a new striker to share the burden.

And with the arrival of Jermain Defoe, both Morelos and Kyle Lafferty can finally breathe a little easy.

Many people though are a bit sceptic about Jermain Defoe’s move to Rangers.

Firstly because the player is currently 36 years old and secondly the Englishman has hardly seen any game time this season for the Cherries.

But according to Rangers legend Lee McCulloch, Jermain Defoe will be a hit with Rangers.

“I played against Jermaine when I was with Wigan and he was with Spurs,” McCulloch told the Glasgow Evening Times.

“Fortunately, I didn’t play in defence against him. Thank goodness!

“He is razor sharp, a tremendous natural finisher. His age, 36, is completely irrelevant because of the shape he is in.

“Given chances, he will score goals. And Rangers have been creating chances this season.

“Alfredo Morelos has done fantastically well once again this season and is the top scorer in the country with 20 goals to his name. That is a phenomenal return.

“But he definitely needs a hand. Kyle Lafferty too. I think Jermaine is a different kind of player to both of them.

“He plays on the shoulder, he will stretch the game, his touch is good and when the ball goes wide his movement is phenomenal.”

Rangers have brought in Defoe on an 18-month loan deal and reports suggest that the Cherries will have two call back options. Once during the summer and the other during the first month of 2020.

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