Spurs beat Chelsea in the EFL Cup semi-final first leg on Tuesday but the match has been the talk of the town ever since the final whistle.

And everything has to do with the only goal that Spurs scored during the game.

Spurs won a penalty after the Chelsea keeper brought him down inside the box but the decision had to go through a VAR decision due to a suspicion of offside during Harry Kane’s initial run.

The decision was immediately sent up to the VAR and the various footages clearly showed that Harry Kane was onside and then Kepa did bring him down while trying to get to the ball.

So everything was sorted and Harry Kane went onto score from the spot and this goal was enough to settle the outcome of the match.

But after the game, Chelsea came up with some footage which has since caused a fair bit of stir amongst the footballing world.

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri was shown footage on the laptop where Harry Kane looked offside which means that the penalty decision should not have been given.

“I saw the video from our camera a few minutes ago, it was offside,” said Sarri.

“Our camera was in line with Kane, and it was offside, but it’s not important.

“With the head, it’s offside. But it’s not important. It was important that the linesman stopped the run, he didn’t follow the ball, so he had a big influence on our defenders, and at the moment I think the English referees aren’t able to use the system.

“If you’re not sure with this system, you have to follow the ball, and at the end of the move, you decide. In this case, he stopped. He didn’t follow the ball, so for our defender, it was offside.

“I don’t know about the goalkeeper, but for sure the defenders. It’s not important, you have to study the system. In Italy in the first period it as difficult to understand, but it’s very strange how in the Premier League there isn’t this system and it is in the Carabao Cup. It’s strange for us, the players and the referees.”

Many fans are arguing that a possible wrong judgement has caused Chelsea the match but then this is the exact reason why the VAR is being used in the EFL and FA Cup and not in the Premier League.

If this is truly a mistake then the FA will look into it and sort it out.

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