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N'Golo Kante Chelsea France

N’Golo Kante was lauded for his defensive midfielder’s role while playing for Leicester City and that is the primary reason why Chelsea brought him on.

And upon arriving at Stamford Bridge, he did the same job and quite naturally excelled at it and also helped the club win the Premier League.

Last season though, Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri chose to take N’Golo Kante out of the middle of the pitch and deploy him on a wide midfielder’s role which caused a fair bit of stir.

Jorginho who arrived from Napoli was playing in the holding role while the Frenchman was given the license to move around and also venture forward.

But sadly not many people liked this idea and wanted Kante back at his old role despite Sarri claiming there is more to the Frenchman’s game than just defending.

All said and done, Sarri moved back to Italy during the summer as the Blues appointed Frank Lampard as their new boss and everyone was certain that the former Derby boss would give N’Golo Kante his rightful role back.

But to everyone’s surprise, Lampard too has stuck with the same arrangement as Jorginho keeps hold of his old position while Kante is working in a more attacking role.

And now speaking about N’Golo Kante, the Chelsea manager has reverberated what Sarri used to say regarding the little Frenchman.

“The idea of N’Golo Kante when they say he is the best defensive midfielder in the world, I don’t think that’s the full story,” Lampard said[as reported].

“I don’t think it was right to say that even at Leicester. He gets all over the pitch. He can give you more.”


Unlike last season, Jorginho has settled in perfectly into the Premier League so naturally, no one is really worried about the Italian anymore.

And as far as N’Golo Kante is concerned, the World Cup winner has spent the major part of the season out injured so we will only know if he has calibre going forward when he gets to play regular football under Frank Lampard.

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