Rangers FC midfielder Greg Docherty is currently out on loan to Shrewsbury Town.

And the has been in a superb vein of form ever since the start of the season.

Greg Docherty moved to the League One side in August of 2018 and since the start of the season he has scored five goals and provided six assists in the league.

And these are quite impressive numbers for a player who plays in central midfield.

Shrewsbury were playing Bristol Rovers in a League one match this weekend and reports have suggested that the midfielder’ car was pelted with missiles while he was being taken to the hospital.

Greg Docherty suffered a blurred vision after being hit with the ball and while being taken to the hospital his car was attacked by the Bristol fans

Shrewsbury boss Sam Ricketts said: “Doch’s left early to go to the eye hospital.

“I’m a bit disappointed with how the vehicle was treated taking him with objects thrown when they’re trying to leave the ground and get to hospital.

“That’s disappointing. Hopefully, he’ll be okay.”

Since then reports have suggested that Greg Docherty was not injured during the incident but this has once again gone onto show how ugly the beautiful game can turn into.

Greg Docherty’s loan spell with Shrewsbury ends during the summer and if he can keep performing well during the second half of the season then surely he will find a place in Steven Gerrard’s squad next campaign.

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