Mo Salah Liverpool
Mo Salah Liverpool

Liverpool take on Burnley and then Bayern Munich within a span of just four days and right now fans are sweating over the form of Mo Salah.

Mo Salah might have managed to score 17 goals this season in the Premier League but most of these goals have come against the so-called smaller sides.

The Egyptian has had very little impact against the big boys and in some instances, like in the recently concluded Merseyside Derby, Mo Salah has been wasteful as well.

These are not qualities which one can easily associate with the forward but many pundits are now starting to believe the aura of Mo Salah is slowly starting to fade away and this season teams have managed to figure out a way to stop the Egyptian.

Recently, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was asked about his views on Mo Salah’s poor run of form. And here’s what he had to say.

“We very often have talks,” Klopp said.

“If you are a striker or offensive player and you have chances you want to score. As a manager, I am more than used to the fact that players don’t score all the time.

“Mo Salah has an unbelievable record. His goals brought us where we are. Not only him, but it was a big part of it.

“We didn’t really speak about it because it’s completely normal. In a very difficult game against Everton, we had four or five proper chances.

“We had less than that in games where we won against Everton, to be honest. That’s the situation, nothing else.”

Klopp also emphasised on the fact that he wants to focus on his team’s performances and not what Manchester City are doing in terms of the Premier League race.

“We don’t have to change because we have never thought about what the other teams are doing,” Klopp added.

“Our plan is to win football games, it’s difficult enough. City play on Saturday so we will know the result before we start our game.

“No reason to make a big fuss of it.

“We are in the position we like to be, we liked the position before, it’s not a problem. We want to be in a position to fight for the top spot in the league and we are still in it.

“That’s all we need to be positive, optimistic and excited in a very positive way about the challenge. Our only problem this weekend is Burnley. That’s enough. We have to be really good to beat that team.

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