Rangers FC brought in Steven Gerrard as their new manager during the summer and since then the Gers have had been a steady rise.

During the summer, the manager brought in a large bunch of players to the club which helped give them that initial push at the start of the season and many believed the Teddy Bears would be able to win the Premiership this season.

Sadly though, a number of these new signings failed and Steven Gerrard’s side saw a dip form during the end of the first half of the season.

But once again Steven Gerrard’s boys are on the rise once again but most pundits feel it is too late for resuscitation and this season once again it will be Celtic who will be crowned the Champions.

Former Rangers boss Mark Warburton also shared the same views but he feels that Steven Gerrard’s side will be able to deliver the Premiership next season.

“I want to see Rangers do really well and I’m desperate to see them win the title again,” Warburton told talkSPORT.

“I’ve got to say, Steven Gerrard has done a great job. I’ve got enormous respect for him obviously as a player and for what he’s done in his first role in management.

“He deserves huge credit.

“What’s great is that Rangers have invested, Jim.

“When you look at the type of the players they’ve brought on board, I absolutely believe they should be pushing hard.

“I still think Celtic have too much this season, but I have no doubts next season for Steven, for the Rangers squad and the Rangers fans, that’s the year they’ll really push for that title.

“I think they should be patient be this year; try and finish the season as close to Celtic as they can, push them all the way.

“And then I hope very much next season will be Rangers’.”

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