Paul Pogba was tipped to move out of Manchester United this summer with Real Madrid wanting to sign him. But somehow the deal did not go through.

At the start of the summer, the player has controversially claimed that he might be looking for a new challenge which immediately indicated that he wanted to move out as early as possible.

And this statement was followed by a few in the same lines from his agent Mino Raiola who made it clear that Paul Pogba was looking for greener pastures.

Thankfully though nothing of that sort happened and the Frenchman stayed at the club for one more year – atleast. Now there have been reports that Man United want to offer Paul Pogba a new deal since he currently has only two years left on his contract at the club.

While there have been no official statements as of yet but according to football consultant Ian McGarry, there is one man who does not want this move to go through.

“It is our understanding that Manchester United have made an offer to Pogba’s agent, the infamous Mino Raiola, to come to England or indeed anywhere that he chooses to be, and talk about an extension to Pogba’s contract,” he said on Reach Plc’s Transfer Window podcast(as reported).

“The 26-year-old France international has two years left on his deal, which means he’s out of contract a year next summer, which would obviously and has been a problem for Manchester United in recent years regarding players running down their deals.

“Clearly there were also issues with Pogba during the summer about a potential move to Real Madrid, which of course has an influence on what he will do at the end of the season.

“And from what I’m told from people close to him, there is no plan to meet Manchester United in the near future to discuss a new contract, which of course indicates that Pogba has still got a move on his mind, as does his agent Raiola, and that by putting themselves a year out of contract without an extension come next summer, they would be in a greater negotiating position given the record fee at the time which United paid for the player.

“And the chance is that at a relatively young age he can simply run his contract down if he wants to and United refuse to sell him – and they would get nothing for him in the summer of 2021.”

Real Madrid desperately wanted to sign Paul Pogba this summer and there are reports that they will make a move once again next year.

And even Man United are well aware of the fact that they will not be able to hold onto Paul Pogba for too long which is why they want to make him sign a new deal so that the club can demand a sky-high price for the midfielder.

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