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Granit Xhaka

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has gone through a really rough phase during the past couple of weeks ever since he chose to hurl abuses at the Arsenal fans.

The Swiss international was angered at being taken off during one of the games and to make matters worse the home crowd chose to boo him while he was coming off.

So in rage and anger, the midfielder chose to abuse the fans, take off his shirt and walk straight off the pitch which has led to him being completely frozen out of the side and he has also been stripped off the captain’s armband.

If this was not enough, Granit Xhaka chose to speak out against the Arsenal fans during a recent interview and things have gotten even sourer after this.

‘When my shirt number lit up on the board of the fourth official and then broke jealous jubilation of their own fans, that hit me very much and stirred up,’ Xhaka told Swiss newspaper Blick[as reported by The Metro].

‘It was very painful and frustrating. For me, this reaction is still incomprehensible, especially in this vehemence and how extremely hostile I was here.

‘Since I can remember, the fans are an integral part of my sport. ‘And I have a lot of respect from the beginning for the commitment and hardships fans take to help us players.

‘Justifiable criticism of them makes you grow as an athlete. And the power and energy that they put into the game makes every athlete love football even more. I feel like part of a big football family.

‘But when you get scolded by this very footballing family in times when you are already being attacked massively, it hurts a lot. By that, I do not mean that I can not stand criticism. If I and the team do not play well, we have to listen to it and work on it.

‘But if you offend and insult your own captain, bring restlessness and bad mood into the team you actually support. That makes no sense to me and weakens the cohesion.’

Despite all the criticism though, Granit Xhaka has maintained that he wishes to turn things around and stay at the club.

And this is where everyone was left confused because if he really wants to stay then why would he speak ill about the Arsenal fans.

But according to reports, Granit Xhaka has been able to make such a bold statement since he is expected to leave Arsenal during the January transfer window.

As per the latest reports, the Swiss international will be joining Serie A side AC Milan and he has begun house hunting in Milan.

Earlier this month, there were rumours that Xhaka will be heading out since the club seen no further gain in keeping him and now it seems like he has found his next club and the only thing he needs to do is keep himself fit until the transfer window opens up since we are pretty sure he won’t be playing for Arsenal anymore.

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