Chelsea lost 6-0 to Manchester City in the Premier League this weekend.

And after this defeat, the noose has further tightened around Maurizio Sarri’s neck.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Blues had suffered a 4-0 loss against AFC Bournemouth and now with this defeat at the hands of Man City, many fans are wondering just how long will the Italian last at Stamford Bridge.

Next week, the Blues face Man United in the FA Cup and if Chelsea are knocked out of that game then surely Maurizio Sarri will find it tough to stay until the end of the season.

But speaking after the Man City vs Chelsea game, Gary Neville has revealed the one thing that has really hampered the image of Maurizio Sarri and indeed the club.

“I’ve been here for many times with Chelsea over the past five or six years,” he said to Sky Sports(as reported).

“I wish they wouldn’t put themselves in these positions where they seem to want to damage each other, PR against each other.

“I don’t like it.

“They’ve been so successful as a club and I’ve loved some of the teams we’ve seen but they always have these seasons where you just think it’s not going to go well for a manager, they start speaking against the players,

” I can’t motivate them.

“The players are so talented but they have got it in them whee they sort of switch off and do what they want.”

Maurizio Sarri is one of the most stubborn managers in the recent history of the Chelsea as the manager has refused to deploy a Plan B despite a string of poor performances.

And recent reports have suggested that a number of the first team players are not particularly happy with how the manager has conducted himself inside the dressing room.

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