Ivan Rakitic racism comments
Ivan Rakitic Barcelona

Racism and homophobia has been a really big issue this season in European football and it looks like Ivan Rakitic is the latest player who is caught in this storm.

Raktic joined Barcelona from Sevilla in 2014 and since then he has been a key player in central midfield for the Catalans.

The midfielder was a key figure for his national side last summer during the Russia World Cup as Croatia reached the final.

But this season Ivan Rakitic has failed to impress for Barcelona scoring just five goals and making only nine assists.

And there have been several reports that the La Liga side are planning to offload the player during the summer transfer window.

Some rumours have claimed that Ivan Rakitic could move to the Premier League next season with clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United reportedly interested in signing him.

But now fans are urging on social media that every club including Barcelona should boycott him with immediate effect.

And the reason for this is his homophobia and racist comments.

Back in 2012, Ivan Rakitic gave an interview in why he made some shocking statements and now that the interview has resurfaced, fans are bashing the midfielder left right and centre.

Here’s what he said:

“I respect homosexuals, but I do not want those people in the locker room. I would not leave a team for that, because I respect a homosexual equal to a black, a fat or a dwarf, but if possible I prefer not to have gays in my life.”

This is clearly a step down for Ivan Rakitic and everyone associated with the player and fans clearly want the player to be punished.

This season there have been a number of issues all across Europe regarding racism but most of these incidents have been either in England or in Italy.

But now it seems that the bug has infected Spain too.