Rangers have been trying to bring back Ryan Kent on loan from Liverpool but somehow Steven Gerrard is finding it really hard to rope in the youngster.

Last season, the winger was easily one of the best players in the Scottish Premiership and the Gers manager is turning desperate to call him back.

Liverpool have reportedly put Ryan Kent up for sale and they want around 10 to 12 million pounds for the winger.

While Rangers would love to sign him permanently but they just cannot afford to pay that much money which means that a loan deal is the only other option for them.

And now Football Insider are exclusively claiming that Ryan Kent has reached a verbal agreement with Rangers to return back on a loan deal given that Liverpool allow him to leave.

The report states, “Rangers have reached a verbal agreement with Ryan Kent to re-sign him from Liverpool if Jurgen Klopp gives the green light for another loan spell, Football Insider can reveal.

“Manager Steven Gerrard has held extensive talks with Kent and his former club about a second year-long spell in Glasgow and is confident his club are now in prime position to get the deal done.

“Ibrox sources have told Football Insider that the move now hinges on Klopp allowing Kent to secure the sixth loan of his career.”

Before the summer transfer began, Ryan Kent had hinted that he would love to sign for a club permanently after growing frustrated on moving on loan deals. But clearly, no club really wants to sign him meaning his only other option is to return back on loan to Rangers.

A couple of days ago, Steven Gerrard had already indicated that he wants to bring back Ryan Kent on loan but the whole deal depends on whether Liverpool want to send him out or not.

“The only way we’ll have a conversation is if Liverpool phone and say he’s available to go on loan,” said Gerrard.

“I would be repeating myself if I said that we want him. I’ve made that pretty clear. But that situation is in Liverpool’s hands at the moment.”

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