Man United paid £80 million to bring in Harry Maguire from Leicester City making him the world’s most expensive defender.

And the England international made a perfect start this Sunday when Man United took on Chelsea.

United won the match 4-0 but it was not particularly a smooth side for the Red Devils as they had to survive a number of attacks from Chelsea. And it was the perfect way for Harry Maguire to get confidence under his belt.

The centre-back was rock solid in defence and it was pretty evident that Harry Maguire could have a long-term partnership with Victor Lindelof.

And speaking after the match, midfielder Paul Pogba also hinted at the same thing which is a clear indication that even his teammates believe the defender will make a name for himself at the club.

“I call him ‘The Beast,'” he said.

“Honestly, as you saw, he was really impressive. He is a leader. He fit right in with us in training. We talked about controlling the defence well, and he has a good understanding with Victor [Lindelof].

“It was a very good match to start with from the whole team.

“In the first half, we were dominated in terms of chances and possession, but we reacted in the second. Our changes enabled us to take over. We were better in possession and in terms of chances.

“We were lucky to have the lead through the penalty in the first half, but after a bad start, we finished the match well. We are satisfied with our performance.”

Even Gary Neville seemed to be impressed with the performance of Harry Maguire vs Chelsea as he wrote on Twitter:

“I loved Maguire yesterday. Top CB’s don’t sweat, look calm, don’t spend time on their backsides, win headers, are composed on the ball, cover others and lead by example.

“It’s only early but he demonstrated all those qualities. No sign of the price tag or OT phasing him either!”

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