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Is ‘this’ Liverpool man going to sign a new contract with the Anfield club?

Jurgen Klopp might miss out on Bukayo Saka Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool have been flying high under Jurgen Klopp and this season the German has truly shown what he is capable of.

After the Champions League final loss to Real Madrid last season, Jurgen Klopp made it a point to plug the gaps in his team and right now the Reds are easily one of the best sides in Europe.

While the German has managed to build a team for the future but speculations remain over his future at the club.

Bayern Munich have been interested in him since a rather long time and those rumours are just refusing to go away.

Jurgen Klopp’s current contract with Liverpool ends in 2021/22 but the fans want him to stay beyond that.

And now according to German journalist Raphael Honigstein, it is almost certain that Jurgen Klopp will sign a new deal at the club.

Honigstein told Abendzeitung Muenchen(as reported): “Klopp is very happy with Liverpool, and the club is very happy with him,” he explained.

“I rather think that he will renew his contract beyond 2022.

“If he is to become champion or Champions League winner, he will 99.9 per cent stay longer.

“That does not mean that he will never go to Bayern: Klopp says for logical reasons alone that they are one of the best clubs in the world.

“He is flexible and ambitious enough to think about this opportunity if there is another opportunity.

“Bayern and Man City were always financially ahead of Klopp’s teams, and it is an honour for him that he comes on equal terms only with a lot of effort,

“Liverpool does not have City’s almost limitless means, but Klopp can still be master.

“Klopp always had a disadvantage and had to compensate. On one hand, that is very attractive for Klopp, but on the other hand, a bit frustrating: Bayern always signed some of his players, and that was gnawing at him.”

“I’ve said from the start that the odds are 60-40 for Liverpool,

“Bayern have great, great players, but no great ‘team’. At Liverpool, I see it the other way around. Sure, Liverpool also have great players, but the team itself works.

“Players like Joel Matip, James Milner or Jordan Henderson may not have the level to play at Bayern, but they work at Liverpool because this team knows what they do.

“They have an identity, a plan—so everything Bayern does not currently have.

“And if you consider that the strengths of Liverpool also pretty much correspond to the weaknesses of Bayern, you cannot really assume that Bayern comes through.

“It will not be clear, but I see Liverpool in the lead in the end.”

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