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Aaron Ramsey Arsenal

Arsenal made a really promising start to the 2018-19 campaign under new manager Unai Emery but by the end of it, the Gunners have once again slumped to mediocrity.

Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League through the Premier League as they finished fifth on the table behind the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

But still, they have the chance to get back into the top tier by winning the Europa League. Unfortunately, they lost that game too as Chelsea came out 4-1 winners.

And now speaking about the poor season for Arsenal, former Gunner Ian Wright has explained where everything crumbled for the North London side and why they failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Wright told talkSPORT: “Decisions were being made, in respect of Aaron Ramsey’s contract, before it was starting to run down and were being made by people who were no longer there.

“They’ve gone on to pastures new and left Arsenal in a little bit of a mess.

“In the contracts, they’ve given people, it was very top heavy in the squad and we can see that in the way the guys are performing.

“As much as Arsenal have to take a massive amount of blame for that, there was a stage where they must have known he was not going to sign.

“So we are talking about a £60 million player that should have been a case of ‘OK, we will have to sell you now’ and not let it get to a stage where it has got to.

“You have to look at Aaron Ramsey as well. He’s getting to a situation in his career where he can run down a contract and Arsenal made him an offer that was a good offer but when you consider what he has been able to get and has been documented he has got, then there’s no way are you going to be able to match that.

“If he knew he was going to get that there was no way he was going to sign.”

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