UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

The Champions League quarter-finals draw will take place on Friday, March 15 at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The eight teams that have qualified are as follows:

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Ajax, Barcelona, Juventus and FC Porto.

This draw will be a special occasion for the English fans since four Premier League teams have made it to the quarter-finals this season and a number of European giants like Real Madrid and PSG have been knocked out.

While everyone is eagerly waiting for the draw to take place but some rumours have it that the draws might already be fixed after an image of the possible Champions League draws has been doing the round on social media.

One image shows the fixtures lined up on a screen out of which a possible span-shot has been taken and another one shows the Champions League draws neatly printed out on a piece of paper.

And the Champions League draws are as follows:

Liverpool vs Ajax.

Juventus vs FC Porto.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur.

FC Barcelona and Manchester City.

Champions League draw leaked
Champions League draw leaked

The authenticity of the above mentioned fixtured can certainly not be verified but many people think that UEFA might already have fixed the draw.

But one possible explanation of this might be the fact that UEFA hold mock Champions League draws and these might be the outcome of one such mock incident.

In other news, UEFA have confirmed that if Man United and Man City both draw the same home and away sequence for the Champions League quarter-finals, it will the Man United game which will be shifted because they finished behind City in the Premier League last season.

“Following a decision made by relevant local authorities, Manchester City and Manchester United cannot play at home on the same night, nor on consecutive nights,” UEFA said(as reported).

“Should both clubs be drawn within the same sequence [home or away], the team having finished lower in the domestic league the previous season — in this case, United – will be reversed in accordance with the UEFA Club Competitions Committee principles.

“In accordance with paragraph 21.01(b) of the UEFA Champions League regulations, the UEFA administration will determine which matches will be played on Tuesday, which matches on Wednesday.”