Jurgen Klopp might miss out on Bukayo Saka Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0 at Anfield on Sunday and with that Jurgen Klopp’s men once again put the pressure back on Manchester City.

Salah and Mane scored two goals for Liverpool in quick succession during the second half which was more than enough to fend off Chelsea and take another positive step towards their first Premier League title.

Liverpool were always the strong side going into this game but most of the focus before the game was on the infamous Steven Gerrard slip back in 2014.

And while Robertson could very well have repeated that same incident when he slipped during the second half but unfortunately no calamity occurred from that minor error.

So speaking after the game, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp very emphatically made it clear the slip-saga has now come to an end.

“The biggest challenge for us is facing the world outside. You and other people,” Klopp said.

“You asked if [City] ask questions of us. If we think about them yes, if we don’t think about them no. 

“If five minutes somebody tells us before our game: ‘City lost!’ That doesn’t help. You lose your focus in that moment. 

“What we want to do is collect as many points as possible. It’s 85 now, four games to play? It means 97. Good. Let’s try that. 

“If that’s enough, perfect. If not, we cannot change it. And we didn’t lose it here or there.

“Very smart people will come out and say: ‘Yeah, if you would’ve won against Leicester, then you would be champion,’

“It’s all bullshit. Only weak people and idiots bring something like this up. 

“And on this point, we can finally close the slipping book. Robbo slipped and nothing happened. It’s not a Liverpool thing. Done.”

Next up, Liverpool head back into the Champions League where they take on Porto while Chelsea welcome Slavia Prague in the Europa League on Thursday.