Jose Mourinho want Jack Grealish
Jose Mourinho

Chelsea have had a love-hate relationship with Jose Mourinho especially after the Portuguese riled up the Stamford Bridge crowd a couple of seasons ago.

Jose Mourinho has had two stints with Chelsea, the first one coming back in 2004 when the manager was still a novice in the European scene.

Jose Mourinho had just tasted success with Porto following which he was appointed as the new manager for the Blues and he claimed in a press conference that he was ‘The Special One’.

The 56-year-old won a series of trophies during his first stint at Chelsea but he never managed to get his hands on the Champions League trophy – something which he had won with Porto before.

And while speaking about Chelsea’s 2005 UCL quarter-finals vs Bayern Munich, Jose Mourinho recalled an incident when he almost died.

The manager was banned for both the legs which forced him to watch the match from the stands. But he was adamant to meet his team inside the dressing room before the second leg.

“I went to the dressing room during the day,” Jose Mourinho said(as reported).

“So I was already there, since midday. The game was at 7 pm and I just wanted to be there when the players arrived.

“I went there and nobody saw me. The only problem was leaving afterwards. Stewart the kit man put me in the laundry basket, a metal one.

“I went there with it a little bit open so I could breathe. But when Stewart were taking it outside the stadium, the UEFA guys, who had heard, were desperate to find me. 

“So when they came, Stewart closed the box and I couldn’t breathe,

“When he opened the box, I was close to dying.”

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