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Pep Guardiola Man City

Man City beat Brighton away from home on Sunday and with that, they have successfully defended their Premier League title.

Liverpool needed Man City to lose points during the final game of the season in order for them to leapfrog over Pep Guardiola’s men in the table.

While the Reds won their respective game vs Wolves but Man City battered Brighton 4-1 thus winning the league with a margin of just a single point.

And speaking after the win, Man City defender Aymeric Laporte has revealed the reason why they were always one step ahead of Liverpool throughout the 2018-19 season.

“I think the key factor has been our consistency, being always focused 100 per cent, don’t make many mistakes and make the most of our opportunities,” Laporte said(as reported by MEN)

“It’s been a constant fight, game after game, we were winning our games, but Liverpool too.

“We managed to keep the point of advantage until the end. We are very happy and now it’s time to celebrate.

“I’m very happy for contributing the best way I can to the team, for helping the team and the manager.

“Pep Guardiola trusts me and he has given me a lot this season. We need to keep going the same way and hopefully, next season will be as good as this one, and if we can improve our performance in the Champions League, even better.”

Liverpool without a doubt had their best ever season in the Premier League but Man City were always backed by experts to defend their title.

And most of these assumptions were based on the fact that Pep Guardiola was more experienced in such a scenario as compared to his managerial counterpart.

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