Virgil Van Dijk
Virgil Van Dijk Liverpool

Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk is currently the best defender that world football has to offer.

Ever since the Dutch international joined the Reds last season, he has been a stalwart in defence and now many players can boast going past the big man during the current season.

But according to the Virgil Van Dijk himself, he is not the best centre-back in the world.

Yes, the former Celtic man is quite modest in his approach claiming that he often tries to learn from seeing what his counterparts are doing on the pitch.

“There are plenty of good central defenders around and I enjoy watching them,” Virgil Van Dijk said.

“If I watch big games like the Champions League on TV then I’m definitely watching what different centre-backs are doing in certain situations.

“When people are talking about you in a positive way, that’s always a good thing. But, basically, that’s it.

“Nobody can really claim that title – it’s just about opinions. We just need to enjoy it when players are doing well for their teams and I’m feeling good at the moment.

“Obviously there are a lot of expectations when you come to a club for a record fee but you can’t change that.

“You just need to perform and show it on the pitch and gain respect through that. I’ve tried to do that since day one and it’s been going all right.”

Beating Chelsea would have eased a lot of pressure off Virgil Van Dijk and his teammates since the Blues were the final top-six club that Liverpool faced.

Next up most of the games should be easy wins for Liverpool unless there is a major calamity.

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