Alexis Sanchez Man United Solskjaer
Alexis Sanchez Man United

Man United signed Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal last year in a deal which saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan go the other way.

At first, everyone was certain that it was United who had gotten the sweeter part of the deal given that Alexis Sanchez had been a sensational player for the Gunners for a number of years now.

Sadly though, the Chilean has seen a pathetic dip in form ever since he moved to Old Trafford and his performances this season have been so bad that most reports are claiming that Solskjaer wants to offload him during the summer transfer window.

Alexis Sanchez is currently the highest paid player in the Man United squad and reports are claiming that United might have to pay the forward £12million for him not to play next season.

Yes, that is how much desperate Solskjaer is to send him out of the club.

Arsenal legend Ray Parlour has expressed his shock at United’s decision to pay such a huge sum to a player so that they do not step foot on the pitch.

“Is that not what is wrong with football? £12million NOT to play? That’s a king’s ransom! It’s a joke, I’m sick of it!” said the Arsenal legend.

“Football went that way a long time ago,

“There have been so many players who have been frozen out but they’re on such good contracts that they say, ‘OK, I’ll sit in the reserves for three years’. Winston Bogarde is a prime example.”

Parlour has also hinted at the fact that Alexis Sanchez might not want to leave Man United because he knows that he cannot get such a fat paycheck anywhere else.

“You get that happening because they’re not going to get that money anywhere else, Parlour added.

“For me, you have to play as a footballer. That’s your living, that’s where you get a buzz.

“Alexis Sanchez was brilliant at Arsenal, but it just hasn’t clicked for him at United.

“When he signed for them, I’ve got a few Man United mates and I said to them: ‘You’ve got some player there, he’s certainly going to improve you a lot’.

“I’m amazed to see what has happened to his career.”

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