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Jordan Pickford

Racism in football has turned into the infamous Hydra of Lerna where if you cut off one head another two pops up in its place.

And this exact thing happened as England took on Bulgaria away from home in a match which had to be stopped twice due to racist behaviours from the fans.

The racist behaviours included things like monkey noises and Nazi salutes and things went so much out of hand that a stadium announcement had to condemn the behaviour from the fans – reminding them about the punishments for racial behaviour.

But there was no major difference as the England players had to play through the vile actions and chants during the course of the match.

And while everyone has come out to condemn the behaviour from the fans and the general situation, pundit Ian Wright has pinpointed the blame on UEFA stating that the governing body has not taken the racism situation seriously.

Wright said(as reported by Football London): “What we’ve seen happen today, this could have been a day where, Tyrone Mings, had we not had the protocol, his England debut would have been marred with a racial incident, it would have finished like that for him.

“This doesn’t happen anymore, it’s a fantastic incident. I feel for the Bulgaria people, I genuinely do, but what you have to do is look at the banners, over the other side of the stadium where it’s half-closed down, it does nothing.

“We’ve said it for many years, UEFA do not really deep down care about the kind of punishment they put out. This should have been in place 10, 20 years ago, now we’ve seen what happened.

“What is good now is that we have a generation of players and people who will not tolerate. My generation was a generation of turn the other cheek, the Martin Luther King, and this is a generation of whatever means necessary the Malcom X generation, they don’t need to take that anymore because they’ve got their own platforms.

“I feel really good watching this. There’s been so many games where you have this racial thing going on and yeah, you just beat them on the pitch, but it doesn’t do anything.

“Don’t beat them on the pitch, you score two goals against teams and they will still give you racial abuse.

“England done the right thing in that respect. There was a time where I wasn’t advocating walking off and the reason why that was is because there wasn’t a system in place. But now, they won’t win now. We’ve seen England make their stance, it’s brilliant.”

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