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Mo Salah Egypt Liverpool

Liverpool forward Mo Salah took the footballing world by storm last season and it was safe to say that the Egyptian carried the Reds on his shoulders for a long time.

But this season, the player’s form has taken a slight dip especially in big games and players like Sadio Mane have moved into the forefront.

Last season, Sadio Mane was more than happy to play second fiddle to the Egyptian but this time around, the forward has taken things into his own hands and more often than not, he comes up with important goals during crunch situations.

A big example of this was during the recent Champions League game vs Bayern Munich where everyone expected Mo Salah to shine but in fact, it was Mane who stepped up to the occasion.

And now speaking after the match, Jurgen Klopp has claimed that he is not too worried about Mo Salah, not scoring goals.

“It is good that we split the goals, absolutely. We have 73 points: each goal we scored brought us there and from time to time it is clicking for one [player],” said the Reds boss.

“There was a very good moment in the Bayern game to explain the situation of Mo a little bit—because I think he is in an outstanding shape—when Niklas Sule in the last second came because that was a goal.

“For Sadio it is different, thank God. All the goals the boys score us are so important. Who scores is not too important but of course, it helps if the boys are confident and know what they do.

“The first goal that Sadio scored in Munich, if he had not scored for five or six games he probably would not have scored but it was completely natural.

“At the end, everyone criticised [Bayern goalkeeper Manuel] Neuer but it was just world class from Sadio.

“He’s in a good moment and hopefully it stays like this, that’s the most important thing for us.

“The goals we have scored are important but not as important as the goals we will score until the end of the season.”

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