Ibrox Stadium Rangers

Rangers FC might have started the season in good form but slowly the Steven Gerrard aura has faded away and right now the Gers are fighting really hard in order to keep pace with Celtic.

The Bhoys, on the other hand, had a very average start to the season but since then they have used their experience to regain the top spot on the Premiership table while Rangers are being knocked out of one competition after another.

And now speaking about the poor performances, the Rangers boss has claimed that it is a lack of leadership which is hurting his team’s performances.

Gerrard said: “We need more leaders. We need more people who can manage games better and we need more quality.

“There are quite a few big areas I need to address. I will address it but the reality is that’s where Rangers are at the moment.

“I’ve taken over a team and a club that has been going through a lot of pain, that has been quite toxic. It needs a lot of change on and off the pitch, and we need a bit more time to continue moving it forward to improve it.

“I’m well aware we have a set of supporters – and a board – where results will dictate the speed of it. I’ll never sit here and say it’s a project and I need four or five years. No, no, no. I don’t want to be part of a project.

“I want to address it yesterday and I’m doing everything I can to improve us in every single department yesterday. But the reality is it was such a big job with a lot of change and improvement needed.

“It’s very difficult to do that in eight or nine months.

“Of course, there has to be an element of patience. Everyone who is educated about the game knows Rome wasn’t built in a day and the size of the job I took over.

“But we are at a club that demands we need to win now and I’m here to win the next thing that’s available.

“The players need to understand that and my message to the fans is that’s my thinking. If I don’t win the next three or four things that are available maybe I won’t be here speaking to you. I’m aware of that. So it’s (flicks v-sign) to the project.

“I want to win the next thing. That’s my mentality. The next thing.”

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