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Jurgen Klopp Liverpool manager

Ryan Kent had a wonderful campaign on loan at Rangers last season and right now Steven Gerrard is trying really hard to bring him back to Ibrox.

The winger went back to Liverpool once his loan deal expired but he did say that he was planning to settle down permanently at a club hinting to the fact that he will return back to Rangers.

Initially, it was thought that the winger will be released by the Reds but now it looks like Jurgen Klopp is holding onto him for longer than expected.

Some have claimed that the Liverpool boss wants Ryan Kent around until his regular first-team forwards return back from holidays, others though have stated that Liverpool might be planning to offload him permanently.

But according to Barry Ferguson, Jurgen Klopp might be having another close look at Ryan Kent before he chooses to send him out on loan.

Ferguson wrote: “He took to Rangers like a duck to water and as a result of his performance level over the season, he’s now about to fly out with Klopp’s Champions League winning squad on a summer tour of the USA.

“He proved to his manager he is cut out to make the difference in big matches under intense pressure and that’s exactly what Klopp will be looking for when he’s considering promoting youngsters into his dressing room.

“So it’s no wonder that he wants to take a close look at Kent this summer before deciding if he’s ready to become part of the plans for the new season.

“Klopp will be comparing him to the likes of Xherdan Shaqiri over the next couple of weeks and weighing up if the time is right to give him a chance.

“I hope he reaches the conclusion the boy needs one more year of first-team football at Ibrox because he’s a special talent who could make a real difference to Gerrard’s hopes of winning silverware.

“But Liverpool will have looked at the improvement in Kent when they decided to let Ojo move to Glasgow and they will see this as an another opportunity for a young player to take huge strides.

“We’ll just need to wait and see how he handles these demands but the first impression was that he can be a really big player for Rangers this season.”

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