David De Gea Man United
David de Gea Man United

Man United drew vs Everton in the Premier League on Sunday and there has been a huge debate as to whether David De Gea was fouled during Everton’s goal.

The Toffees opened the scoring in the 36th minute courtesy of a Victor Lindelof own-goal but replays showed that their might have been a foul on the United keeper.

David De Gea and Calvert-Lewin went up to attack a ball from a corner but neither of them could reach it and it eventually went inside the Man United goal after ricochetting off Lindelof.

In the replays, it was seen that Calvert-Lewin had his arm around De Gea’s face but VAR chose not to give it as a foul.

And after the game, there have been some critics who feel that David De Gea was impeded when he was trying to reach the ball as a result of which the goal should have been overturned.

But according to former referee Dermot Gallagher, the decision of VAR not to overturn the goal was a right one.

Gallagher said via Sky Sports: “I honestly don’t think it’s a foul. When you watch it, De Gea comes out and flaps at the ball.

“They [De Gea and Calvert-Lewin] are both in the air and Calvert-Lewin does have an arm across him, but the ball is gone. There’s going to be inevitable contact at this point.

“I think the contact has happened afterwards.

“He’s come out and flapped at the ball for whatever reason, they’re both in the air and there is going to be a collision, there’s no doubt about that, but I think it happens after the ball has gone past him.”

The David De Gea decision wasn’t the only decision which caused a stir this weekend as Sadio Mane also had a goal ruled out for offside which during replays looking agonisingly close.

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