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Chelsea will take on Arsenal in the Europa League final later this month in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Blues beat Eintracht in the semi-finals and now have the chance of ending the season by lifting a silverware.

But now it looks like the Chelsea fans are not too keen to travel to the finals.

UEFA have allocated around 6000 tickets to Arsenal and Chelsea each and this created a major uproar since the capacity of the stadium is a shade more than 68,000.

At first, both the clubs were angry that such a small portion of the tickets were allocated to them but now it looks like they are struggling to sell even these tickets.

The trip from London to Baku is proving to be a nightmare for the fans – both financially and logistically hence most people have decided to watch the final at home.

As per the Standard, “One source has suggested that of the total amount sold so far, only 600 of those have been purchased by season ticket holders and it is believed that as things stand, the Blues will have less fans than Arsenal in the ground,

“Both clubs offered a day trip via Thomas Cook, which does not include a hotel stay, costing £979 a person, but that has not been well received either.”

Last week the Chelsea Supporters Trust and Arsenal Supporters Trust released a joint statement which read(as reported): “Sadly, many (fans) have already decided that the cost and logistical difficulty of reaching the designated venue, Baku, means that they cannot attend. 

“Baku is one of the most inaccessible cities in Europe from the UK, with few direct flights from any western European destination.

“Fans who have been to 40+ games this season, loyal supporters by any definition, are unable to attend the climax of their club’s season, a dreadful reward for their season-long commitment.”

The same source claims that Arsenal have managed to sell around 3000 tickets for the Europa League final.

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