Storm Ciara affects Premier League
Etihad Stadium Man City Premier League

Liverpool beat Manchester City in the Premier League last weekend and according to Paul Merson, the title race is already done and dusted.

With the win, the Reds have opened up an eight-point lead at the top of the table while Man City are nine points behind in the fourth spot.

And Merson feels Pep Guardiola’s side even though a solid unit will not be able to come back from nine points behind and overtake Liverpool to defend their league title.

Merson wrote: “The title race is over so you might as well crown Liverpool champions now.

“Do I think City can come back from nine points behind? No chance. Liverpool have lost once in about 52 games.

“City know how tough it’s going to be. If Liverpool win it by eight or nine points that’s running away with it for me. But double digits would be embarrassing for City.

“It’s already embarrassing to see them in fourth. City have spent so much money. How are they nine points behind Liverpool already?

“Anybody else would be getting pelters but because it’s Pep Guardiola and everyone thinks he’s the best manager in the world, nothing is said.

“There should be some serious questions asked because that isn’t good enough. Their squad has so much quality they could win the FA Cup and League Cup every year with their reserves.

“But losing one defender to injury has completely thrown them in the league and they don’t look like champions at the minute.”


Liverpool have gained a staggering lead at the top of the table but the teams are yet to enter the busy festive period and once they do we are pretty sure that Klopp’s men will falter and drop atleast a few points in the process.

But whether they will drop eight precious Premier League points remain to be seen.

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