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Gareth Southgate England

Gareth Southgate showed whose boss in the England national team as he chose to suspend Raheem Sterling for their clash vs Montenegro last week due to his issues with Joe Gomez.

Gomez and Sterling got into a bust-up in training due to the reason that Liverpool beat Man City last weekend and it’s been reported that the Man City winger lost his cool and lashed out at Gomez.

Immediately following this, Gareth Southgate chose to keep Raheem Sterling out of the squad and the Three Lions boss also came out to explain why such a punishment was lashed out to the forward.

And while many people have come out to praise the manager and his decision to take such a bold step, Paul Merson, on the other hand, has chosen to criticize the decision.

He wrote: “I think Gareth’s done that with Raheem because he wants to show everyone who’s boss. But I’m sorry. I can’t have it. He hasn’t shown anyone who’s boss doing this.

“Why? Because let’s be honest. If we were playing Spain away and needed to win to qualify for the Euros, do you really think he’d be dropping Raheem Sterling?

“Gareth’s made him the scapegoat because he can. Because it was Montenegro at home. All the players are sitting there thinking this wouldn’t happen in a big game.

“So how can you take it seriously? If he’s done it to show he won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour, it hasn’t worked, because everyone knows this isn’t a big game.

“Kosovo is a hard game, so of course Raheem Sterling starts. He’s one of England’s most important players, and they need him.

“Gareth’s lucky he hasn’t lost the player because Raheem could have taken this the wrong way and held it against him. I don’t know how he’ll react in the long term but hopefully, he’s alright about it. He’s apologised and knows he was in the wrong. That should be it. Done. Finished.

“As soon as that Liverpool v Manchester City game finished, I thought it was going to be interesting when those players all met up on international duty. Top players are all trying to win something and sometimes tensions run high. This won’t be the last time it happens.

“But Gareth’s made his bed now. He’s got to be careful. When it happens again, what does he do?

“He’ll get accused of favouritism if he doesn’t respond in the same way the next time someone steps out of line.

“Imagine if it’s Sterling and Harry Kane going at it next time. What does he do then?”

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