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Lionel Messi Barcelona

Lionel Messi and Tite were involved in a spat earlier this week when Brazil and Argentina met for a friendly and it’s safe to say that things did not go down well when the pair came face to face.

The pair were involved in a touchline argument when the Argentine told Tite to “shut up”.

And while not much has been made about this whole incident thankfully but the Brazilian manager recently gave his thoughts about Lionel Messi being compared to Pele.

The Brazilian squad are currently in Abu Dhabi where they are preparing for their match vs South Korea and coincidentally Tuesday also marks the 50th anniversary of Brazil legend Pele scoring his 1,000th goal.

But talking to the press, Tite made it very clear that Pele is one of a kind and Lionel Messi just cannot be compared to him.

He said: “Pele is incomparable. Anybody who wants to compare Pele to any other athlete…do you know what I do? I hear but I don`t listen.

“It’s as if this person doesn’t know the history of this man’s quality… this guy was phenomenal. Once I said that Messi is extraordinary.

“I meant he’s extraordinary to the present time and among humans, with his creativity. Pele is out of normal patterns and I’m not saying this because I’m a Brazilian. You can’t find a defect.

“If somebody comes to me and starts to make comparisons, for me it has no credibility.”

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