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A large number of Arsenal supporter groups came together earlier this week to start a campaign against the club owners.

The campaign is termed as “#WeCareDoYou” and it points fingers at owner Stan Kroenke blaming him for “poor leadership” and the supporters have also urged the owners and the management to take some “meaningful action”.

These protests are nothing new since Arsenal have been basking in mediocrity for a number of seasons now and last year too they failed to get back into the Champions League under new manager Unai Emery.

This time though, Director Josh Kroenke, son of Stan Kroenke has written an open letter assuring the fans that they have a winning mentality at Arsenal. And in saying so he has also hinted to the fact that Unai Emery is getting the management’s full support and could be at the helm for a really long time – especially since they are in a rebuilding phase.

“Over the past year we have turned the page from our traditional model of football operations that included a Manager and CEO, to a new chapter of Arsenal Football Club that is led by a Head of Football and Managing Director,” he wrote(as reported).

“Since their appointments and that of Unai Emery as our Head Coach, we have continued working to develop a modern infrastructure, designed to move us forward.  This will take time to play out, but this was always going to be the case after such a long period of time operating under a different model.”

“We want to be clear we are in sports for one reason and one reason only…to win,

“There is simply no better feeling in sport than winning at the highest level. We know there is a lot of hard work ahead and understand that supporters want success now.

“We will continue to push forward trying to balance the short and long term vision without abandoning the core principles of the Club that have sustained us for the past 133 years.

“We believe that in professional sport you are as only as good as your last match, and unfortunately the last 45 minutes of our season were not our best.

“On behalf of my family and KSE, I was in Baku for the Europa League final and was on the pitch after the match representing our Club as the second-place medals were passed out to our players and staff.

“I saw and felt the same frustration that was visible on the face of every Arsenal fan, player and staff member, and the most important thing that I saw at that moment was how much people care and a resolve to face the failure and work even harder.

“We are not naive in our thinking that our ambitions can be achieved overnight, and are putting processes in place to ensure we are stacked not only with talent, but talent with the proper mentality to help us achieve our highest goals in the future.”

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