Premier League Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson

There is a certain publication in Germany which is known for its bizarre post-match ratings.

And now it looks like reputed football magazine France Football has chosen to walk on that very same tight rope.

A couple of days ago, the magazine chose to publish a list of the top 50 managers of all time.

Releasing the list France Football said:

‘What is a great coach? How to compare two major technicians to sometimes more than half a century of distance?

‘And, in the end, what is the best of them, all times combined?

‘In order to make its choice and establish it’s Top 50, France Football has chosen three main criteria – the club winners, the trace and the legacy left on the game, the personality – to which is added, implicitly, a fourth: the duration and the impact of the career.’

And to put it mildly, there were a few surprises.

The first and the most obvious one was the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson was not chosen as the No 1. That position went to Ajax legend Rinus Michels.

While this one was not very candid but the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone have been considered better managers to Arsene Wenger.

The Arsenal legend while Klopp and Simeone are both above the Frenchman on the France Football list.

Pep Guardiola who is very early on in his managerial career has been named the fifth best in the world.

Here’s the full list of the top 50 managers of all time:

  1. Rinus Michels
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson
  3. Arrigo Sacchi
  4. Johan Cruyff
  5. Pep Guardiola
  6. Valeriy Lobanovski
  7. Helenio Herrera
  8. Carlo Ancelotti
  9. Ernst Happel
  10. Bill Shankly
  11. Matt Busby
  12. Giovanni Trapattoni
  13. Jose Mourinho
  14. Miguel Munoz
  15. Brian Clough
  16. Marcelo Lippi
  17. Nereo Rocco
  18. Louis van Gaal
  19. Ottmar Hitzfeld
  20. Bela Guttmann
  21. Fabio Capello
  22. Zinedine Zidane
  23. Viktor Maslov
  24. Herbert Chapman
  25. Jupp Heynckes
  26. Bob Paisley
  27. Jurgen Klopp
  28. Albert Batteux
  29. Guus Hiddink
  30. Udo Lattek
  31. Diego Simeone
  32. Arsene Wenger
  33. Vicente del Bosque
  34. Jock Stein
  35. Tele Santana
  36. Vic Buckingham
  37. Rafa Benitez
  38. Hennes Weisweiler
  39. Sir Bobby Robson
  40. Dettmar Cramer
  41. Mircea Lucescu
  42. Tomislav Ivic
  43. Stefan Kovacs
  44. Luis Aragones
  45. Frank Rijkaard
  46. Otto Rehhagel
  47. Raymond Goethals
  48. Marcelo Bielsa
  49. Antonio Conte
  50. Jean-Claude Suaudeau

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