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Tottenham Hotspur knocked out Manchester City from the Champions League as Mauricio Pochettino’s side came up with a superb performance especially in the second leg.

Spurs might have lost the tie 4-3 but thanks to the three away goals, the Lilywhites were able to push through to the semi-finals.

Most people expected the contest to be an evenly balanced one but many of them expected Spurs to bottle it – as they had done so often in the past.

But now Spurs man Dele Alli has revealed why the North London club was able to put in such a brilliant shift last week.

Speaking to the Mirror, Alli said, “I think it’s definitely the case that what happened at the World Cup has helped us as a team.

“We got a lot of experience from the tournament, in different situations, winning and losing. With that experience, we have begun to show that we are learning – and that’s what has happened in the Champions League.

“Each season we are improving – in both the Premier League and the Champions League. We are heading in the right direction and we have got to keep doing that.

“When I first came to Spurs, we had a great team, great players – but maybe we didn’t have the experience we needed when we got to this point of the season. But, by sticking together and having tasted various experiences, we are just getting better and better.”

Spurs have repeatedly when close to the finish line and given up and over the past couple of seasons, the chokers tag seemed to be stuck with Pochettino’s side.

But this season, it finally looks like they have been able to shed that ominous tag by grinding out positive results even when the tide is going against them.

Many expected Spurs to crash out of the Champions League due to the fact that Harry Kane was unavailable but Pochettino definitely showed that even without his main target man, Spurs have the audacity to stop big teams.