Neymar Jr rape allegations
Neymar Brazil

Neymar Jr is without a doubt of the most recognisable footballer in the world today and he is the darling of Brazil.

But recently a Brazilian model named Najila Trindade accused Neymar of rape and after that, it seems like the world has come crashing down for the PSG superstar.

The forward has received a lot of negative criticism from football fans all across the globe and in a recent interview, the Brazilian even claimed that his son and his family had been going through a really hard time ever since these allegations surfaced.

Here’s a breakdown of the incidents that have unfolded during the past month:

What is the accusation on Neymar?

Brazilian model named Najila Trindade is claiming that Neymar raped him in a five-star hotel in Paris, France.

According to Najila, both of them met on Instagram and after talking to each other, they decided to meet and it was the PSG star who offered to pay for her stay at the five-star hotel.

As per her statement, the two met and after talking for a couple of minutes, the forward started caressing her and when she resisted, he resorted to physical abuse and then rape.

Is there any evidence?

The model has released a small video clip in which the player is seen fighting and she claimed that this one-minute clip is part of a seven-minute long video which she shot in order to prove that Neymar did actually assault and abuse her.

This video was broadcasted on Brazil’s TV Record earlier this month:

Is the video legitimate?

The authenticity of the video has not yet been determined but according to Ms Trindade’s lawyer Danilo Garcia de Andrade, she cannot present the full video.

The model has reportedly claimed that the tablet in which the video was recorded was stolen from her home in Brazil. But the owners of the property in which lives have claimed that there was no burglary.

Her lawyer has reportedly set a deadline to produce all the evidence she has or else he may drop the alleged rape case against Neymar.

What is Neymar saying?

Neymar has strongly denied all these allegations claiming that everything between him and Ms Trindade was consensual. In order to prove his innocence, the PSG man has also showed a couple of WhatsApp messages exchanged between the two along with intimate photographs of Ms Trindade that she had sent.

Now the as per the BBC, “Police in Rio de Janeiro were investigating whether Neymar had committed a crime by posting the intimate pictures online without her consent.”

Any backlashes for the Brazilian superstar?

The forward’s footballing career has not been affected by the whole incident as he is out of the Copa America due to injuries but his personal life has surely taken a blow.

According to Neymar, his family members are suffering due to the rape allegations and Mastercard have also cancelled an ad campaign with him.