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The women’s team of PSG were scheduled to take on their Chelsea counterpart in London earlier this week. And while the Blues won the game 2-0 a lot of controversies has surrounded this game.

About 50 PSG fans were travelling to London from France on a coach to watch the match but it was turned away from the Kingsmeadow grounds after the Metropolitan Police said “knives and knuckledusters” were recovered while one man was arrested for possession of class A drugs.

This incident has caused an uproar and there were even reports of vandalism at the stadium and chaos at the Waterloo and Wimbledon stations.

But one PSG fan who has been living in London for the past 15 years and also attended the game told the Press Association(as reported by the Sports Mole) that nothing of that sort had actually happened.

He also went on to add the possible reason why such claims have been made by the authorities.

“To me, they only have 12 stewards (at Kingsmeadow) and they were not ready to receive that many people and so they find any excuse to not let them in,” the fan said.

“When we left the ground everything was fine. We all (Chelsea and PSG fans) left at the same time, there were no incidents whatsoever.

“It’s more hype than anything else with the news spreading that things were found on the bus and making it bigger than what it is. They make a snowball out of it.”

PSG have also come out in support of their fans and they released a statement saying:

“We repeat that the local authorities have not provided any evidence of wrongdoing, at least no fact available justifies such a ban to attend the match,

“All of our supporters have been searched, and if any of these searches or facts had been under criminal law, we can imagine that the concerned supporter(s) would not have been able to leave British territory without being disturbed.

“Surprisingly, we note that Chelsea, on the morning of the match, did not want the presence of our supporters, arguing of alleged damage to the stadium which is, according to local testimonies, prior to the arrival of our fans in London.

“We express our fullest support to fans of Paris St Germain who, in the middle of the week, had arranged their schedule to come to support our women’s team and we count on their fervour during the return match next Wednesday in Paris.”

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