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Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona

Remember a couple of days ago, a Spanish pundit and Real Madrid super fan had predicted that Lionel Messi will be a dud vs Man United in the Champions League?

Don’t remember? Here’s the summarized version of it.

“The talking head spoke about Messi and claimed that Barcelona would be knocked out of the Champions League by Manchester United at the quarter-final stage and that Messi would disappear from the game.

“He said Messi would hide and leave the team knocked out once again.

“On Twitter, his comment was highlighted as something to be remembered, to bring up further down the line. “

Well, after Tomas Roncero made these comments, he received a fair bit of backlash from the Barcelona and Lionel Messi fans.

But now it looks like, his prediction might just come true.

Reports suggest that Lionel Messi might have picked up an injury during Argentina’s loss to Venezuela and the Barcelona star could very well miss the Champions League clash vs Man United.

Yes, you read that right.

Even though Lionel Messi finished the game but reports suggest that he felt a pain in his groin and if his situation does not improve then he could very well head back to Barcelona.

The injury is said to be invoked from an existing problem and some rumours claim that it is not too serious.

We will have to wait for a couple of more days in order to get the perfect information on the injury but right now things are not looking good.

Lionel Messi is the fulcrum on which Barcelona operates and if the little magician really does miss the Champions League clash vs Man United then surely Ole would be hoping to pull off yet another managerial milestone.

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