Rafa Benitez Newcastle United news
Rafa Benitez Newcastle United

Liverpool have lost just one game in the Premier League so far this season but still, Jurgen Klopp’s are on the back foot as far as the title race is concerned.

Man City still have a game in hand which means if Guardiola’s men can manage to win each and every one of their matches until the end of the season, they will be crowned champions.

Liverpool currently have three more games to play and one of them is against Rafa Benitez’s Newcastle United.

Benitez is no stranger to Liverpool having managed the club for several years and even coming close to winning the title with them.

But since then, the former Real Madrid boss has moved through a number of clubs and it looks like finally, he has found a home with the Toons.

A number of people are expecting Liverpool to win against Newcastle pretty comfortably while a small section of the fans is praying for an upset.

Either way though, Rafa Benitez feels that this is a battle which he can never win.

Here’s why:

“That is a game that I can’t win,” Benitez said.

“If we win, they will say: ‘Oh, [he should be helping us].’ And, if you lose: ‘Oh, he was not giving everything.’

“I will not talk too much about this game until it comes around. I was in Liverpool winning trophies. Why? Because I was professional and I was fighting against anyone.

“Some people will criticise me because I was fighting against Manchester United. It’s my job to do the best for my team, and I will try to do the best for my team [against Liverpool], that’s it.”

Next up Liverpool will take on Huddersfield and then they visit St James’ Park a week later.

But sandwiched between these games, Liverpool have a Champions League tie vs Barcelona and if something does go wrong for Jurgen Klopp in this tie then Rafa Benitez might come up with a totally different side.

This presuming that the Liverpool boss wants to keep his players for the second leg of the UCL clash.

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