English Premier League
English Premier League

VAR will be introduced in the English Premier League next season but the video technology isn’t the only change that will be brought in for the 2019-20 campaign.

Obviously, VAR is a big step forward especially since most of the major leagues in Europa have already adopted them but the IFAB which met in March in Aberdeen ensured that some changes were made to the already existing rules.

Here are the six changes that will be in effect for the 2019-20 Premier League season:

Free Kicks:

The team awarded a free kick will no longer be allowed to have a player lining up in a defensive wall when a wall of three or more is made by the team defending the free kick. Also, an attacking player will not be allowed to stand within one metre of the wall.

The attacking player’s presence in the wall was deemed not to be in the ‘spirit of the game’.


Next season in the Premier League if a ball hits a player’s hand and then goes into the back of the net then that goal will be ruled out by the referee.

Drop Balls:

There will be no contested drop balls in the Premier League next campaign.

When the play resumes after a stop, the ball will be returned back to the team which had the possession when the game was stopped.

And in case the play was stopped in the penalty area, then the ball will be given to the goalkeeper.


Players being substituted will be allowed to leave the pitch at the nearest point on the touchline which will ensure that very less time is wasted when making substitutions.


Goalkeepers must have at least part of one foot on or in line with the goal-line when the spot kick is taken. The keepers will not be allowed to touch the goalposts or more around.

Penalising Managers​:

Managers just like players will be branded with red and yellow cards next season in the Premier League in case the referee feels they are misbehaving.

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