Liverpool will take on Spurs in the Champions League final and recently some reports had claimed that Naby Keita might be fit to play in that game.

Naby Keita picked up a high-grade adductor injury during the semi-final first leg against FC Barcelona at Camp Nou and initially it was being claimed that he would be out for eight weeks.

This meant that the Guinea international would not only miss the UCL final but would also be unavailable for his national team during the Africa Cup of Nations.

But then recently Guinea manager Paul Put claimed that there is a big chance that Naby Keita might be fit to play vs Spurs.

“He consulted his doctor in Switzerland, as I said at the beginning,” Put told Foot 224.

“He is in treatment with his doctor. He has started on the bike there [at Liverpool] and it is said that he will maybe in two weeks resume with the squad.

“It is even possible that he is in the squad for the Champions League final if what I have been told is true. We will see.

“We will wait and remain realistic. This is not the time to scream or panic. We have to wait and see how it goes.”

Now though, Jurgen Klopp has made it clear that Naby Keita is still not a 100 per cent and he is not likely to make it to the matchday squad at the Metropolitano.

Klopp told “Naby is, I would say, a bit ahead of schedule, but that doesn’t mean anything for the final. He is now doing straight runs and all of that stuff, he feels comfortable with 50 per cent intensity and these things – but there is still a way to go.

“I know about the issues with Guinea and stuff like that; we don’t want to keep a player out if he can play – maybe they think it is like this, but it is not like this. For me, it would be good if Naby would be 100 per cent fit and could play the Africa Cup of Nations, to be 100 per cent honest.

“But we don’t know, we will see, and we need to work together with their medical department because in the end, a player who is fit – from my point of view – who can play, should play for his country.

“If he is not 100 per cent fit, he cannot play. That’s how it is. It is not important whether you play for your country or your club. That’s what we try to make sure. It looks good, very positive and we will see if there is a chance.”

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