UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

The UEFA officials met on Wednesday for meeting and there is every possibility that the outcome of this meeting could seriously impact both the Champions League and the Europa League.

The buzz of this meeting had been doing the rounds for some time now and some key changes to the game had been discussed.

The first major change is the possible introduction of a closed qualifying process which could include promotion and relegation for both the Champions League as well as the Europa League.

If this rule goes through then it would surely favour the bigger sides and would, in turn, make smaller teams push doubly hard to play in Europe.

Another change which was discussed is the possible move of the Champions League games to the weekends.

Right now both the Europa League and the Champions League games are played in midweek but if UEFA have their way then we could soon be watching these matches on a weekend afternoon.

This will yet again impact league games all over the world since almost every major league has its matches during the weekends.

A third and perhaps the most important thing which was discussed was the introduction of a third European league apart from the Champions League and the Europa League.

Most people predict this new league could be modelled on the breakaway Super League which has been doing the rounds for some time now.

European Club’s Association issued a statement on the matter, which read:

“The purpose of the meeting was to engage in an informal brainstorming session to allow for an initial sharing of ideas and exchange of views around UEFA club competitions post-2024.

“This is the first of a series of meetings amongst stakeholders in the months ahead, in order to allow for a detailed and proper consultation with the aim of drawing up concrete proposals that can be properly considered and analysed prior to any decisions being reached.”

But if indeed there are any changes to either the Europa League or the Champions League then surely it will happen after 2024 since the UEFA’s scheduled up until that point of time is perfect fixed.

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