Premier League Manchester City vs Arsenal
Etihad Stadium Man City Premier League

Man City have taken about a decade to become a major powerhouse in European football and most of the credit goes to their Abu Dhabi based owner.

Man City are currently owned by the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour.

Sheikh Mansour bought the club back in 200 and since then he has spent heavily to make Man City one of the top clubs in the world.

The only thing Man City have been lacking in their trophy cabinet right now is the UEFA Champions League but with the way they have been performing, there is every possibility that this dream could come true this season.

But little does everyone know that almost every person on this planet has contributed to the success of Man City during the past decade.

Yes, we know it is hard to believe.

Recently Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness was speaking at a financial conference in Munich and here he mentioned the Man City owner has a very unique way of recovering the money which he spends on bringing in new players.

“My friend Pep told me what happens when he wants a player that costs more than €100 million,” Hoeness said(as reported).

“He puts some videos together of the player and goes to see the Sheikh.

“Once he is there, there is an opulent feast put on during which he teaches the videos to him and the money is transferred.”

“The next day, the Sheikh rises the price of oil a little bit and recovers the money.”

Like Real Madrid and Barcelona, Man City have never spend absurd amounts of money on one single player but ever since Pep Guardiola took charge of the club, the Citizens have spent over €1 billion in the transfer market.

But all this spending has not gone down too well with FIFA as the governing body of football are investigating a few FFP rules violation from Man City.

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