Manchester United have been trying to bring in a new defender this summer and right now they are fully focused on Harry Maguire.

Ever since the news of United chasing Harry Maguire broke there have been numerous reports circulating regarding the transfer.

Multiple reports have claimed that the defender has agreed on a deal to join the Old Trafford side but he is yet to be announced by the club(when this article was published).

More credible sources though are claiming that the Red Devils are trying hard to sign Harry Maguire and are confident that they will sign the Leicester City man for a valuation of around £80 million.

If this move goes through for £80m then it would overtake the transfer fee that Liverpool paid for Virgil Van Dijk back in 2018.

And according to Sam Allardyce, Harry Maguire has the potential to make the same effect that Van Dijk had for Man United during the 2018-19 campaign.

Sam Allardyce said: “I think he’s worth £70m – £75m.

“He’s similar to Van Dijk, he’s very good on the ball and he comes out from the back.

“Van Dijk looks a little better since he’s gone to Liverpool and I think it would take Maguire to another level going to Manchester United and bring more out of him.

“It would be a massive move for him, but Leicester, they don’t have to sell.

“They’ve always hung out for the fee they want and got there in the end, so if United don’t have another alternative, I’m afraid they might have to pay a bit more than they expected.”

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