Jordan Henderson Liverpool
Jordan Henderson Liverpool

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson and Jurgen Klopp were caught in a bit of a spat this weekend.

The whole incident occurred when Jordan Henderson was taken off the pitch during Liverpool’s 0-0 draw vs Manchester United and instead of shaking Jurgen Klopp’s hand, the midfielder was busy applauding the crowd.

Jurgen Klopp could have chosen to overlook the incident but the German decided to call Jordan Henderson back and have a chat with him.

This incident being caught on camera has caused a fair bit of buzz with many reports claiming that there has been a falling out between the pair due to the whole incident.

But now the Liverpool manager has come out to explain why Jordan Henderson chose to ignore him on the touchline at Old Trafford.

“In terms of the situation, it was a pure misunderstanding. That’s clear,” said Klopp.

“For me, when a player leaves the pitch, it’s clear, we shake hands. But I’m in the situation as well. I didn’t say you have to wait for me until I look at you again as I was with Shaq talking and then Hendo left.

“He was saying thank you to the crowd. I thought he didn’t (go to shake hands) and that’s why I turned and told him to do (go back and shake my hand).

“But everyone else told me, ‘No, no, no, he wanted to shake your hand but you were not ready.’

“That’s how a misunderstanding works. That’s all. It was nothing.”

Liverpool will take on Watford at home on Wednesday following which they travel across Merseyside for a derby vs arch-rivals Everton on Sunday.

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