UEFA Europa League final
Europa League

UEFA expected to make a key change to their European competitions according to a report from Sky Sports.

It is not unusual for away fans to pay heavy prices for tickets during UEFA Champions League and Europa League games.

But in recent years this excess pricing has really become a headache for UEFA – the governing body of football in Europe.

As per Sky Sports, ‘Many Bayern fans boycotted their game against Anderlecht in November 2017 when the Belgian side raised the cost of tickets to 100 euros, or £85.’

And even Liverpool had protested after their supporters claimed that they had to pay three times as much as local supporters for a Champions League game.

Manchester City will take Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League quarter-finals next month and even the City fans have complained that they are paying way more for their way leg as compared to what they pay for during the Premier League.

But this excess prizing really took centre stage when Barcelona chose to charge more from the Man United fans for the Champions League quarter-finals.

Instead of charging the usual 75 pounds the Camp Nou authorities bumped up the price to 102 pounds.

But unlike other clubs, Man United did not still with folded handed and the authorities chose to do the same with the travelling Barcelona fans and use the excess money that they are charging to reimburse their own fans.

After this incident, there were reports that UEFA might do something about it and now Sky Sports are claiming that the governing body has taken a definitive step.

As per the report, UEFA have chosen to put a cap on ticket prices for away fans in European club competitions.

Even though there is no confirmation as to when this rule will come into effect but this cap will be applicable to all the European competitions.

Overpricing of away tickets is not something new in either the Champions League or the Europa League but up until now, this ploy was mainly used by smaller clubs whenever they would be drawn against a big name.

And to some extent, this was fair on their part because they would want to rake in money from such high profile games.

But recently even big clubs, like Barcelona and Spurs have also started doing the same and it looks like UEFA are not too pleased with it.

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